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The X4 version of the awesome YGK XBraid (formerly GSoul Upgrade)


"High-density pitch manufacturing method × WX4 construction method × GP processing × HST processing enables overwhelming performance.
In general, when PE lines are assembled with high density and fine pitch, the wear resistance increases and the straight line strength decreases.
Conversely, if the yarn is assembled at a low density and coarsely pitched, the yarn will become straight, increasing its linear strength and decreasing its abrasion resistance.
X-BRAID UPGRADE achieves both of these conflicting performances at the world's highest level, and is a high-quality, high-power PE in all categories that complies with the "PE thread thickness standard" established by the Fishing Line Subcommittee of the Japan Fishing Products Industry Association." 




Colour:  White and Pink


YGK XBraid Upgrade X4 200m

100 Metri
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