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MajorCraft Eden 45SS


The unique flat shape structure allows you to enjoy a variety of actions such as sharp swings and slow short darts.
The low center of gravity fixed weight stabilizes the flight posture and allows long casts. Since it sinks from the rear, line tangles are drastically reduced.


Sight fishing is one of the attractions of the stream trout game.
I'll never forget the excitement I felt when I saw a trout bite the lure at top speed from the current.
While flushing the lure from the water landing point with rod action, carefully trace it to the desired current.


How does the lure move in the current? How do trout track the lure and when do they bite?
The visibility of the lure can be said to be a very important factor in understanding these series of movements.

The new Eden colors to be added are carefully selected from colors that have a proven track record in fishing, taking into consideration the visibility that is advantageous in streams.



Slow Sinking


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MajorCraft Eden 45 SS

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