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Herakles Kiro 27 Topwater Popper


Kiro 27, the innovative trout area popper! Its particular design makes it unique in movement.

Thanks to the shape of the mouth, it manages to make a lot of water splash forward with each movement of the bait, allowing the classic pop and stop.

It is also fantastic on continuous action, because thanks to its innovative shape it never fails!!!

The compact and well-balanced body also makes it perfect for casting into the wind.

Worth underlining are the colors designed to be decisive in the race and the matching tail eye, which is often decisive in the final attack of the fish.

In the tests of our pro staff it proved to be effective both on newly released trout and on resident fish, even in moments of complete apathy.





Topwater Popper

#10 Barbless Single Hooks

Herakles Kiro 27 Topwater Popper

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